There are MAJOR advantages to taking your local photographer with you for your destination wedding. Let me say that again... MAJOR ADVANTAGES! It's much easier to get in touch with your photographer afterwards especially when you live in the same state. A very common statement that you will find on almost any photographers contract for services is that should there be any disputes about the photography services they are to be resolved in a small claims court local to your photographer. So if you travel to Hawaii (or anywhere else for that matter) you'd have to travel back there should you not be able to resolve any issues. Don't gamble on your wedding day; if you invest in anything let it be your photography because it lasts forever.

Every year I give a lucky couple the gift of my Weddingmoon Package. Couples can enter for a chance to be chosen in the annual Destination Weddingmoon Giveaway. The couple chosen will receive the Destination Weddingmoon package completely free and will only have to cover minor travel expenses.
If you would like to be considered for the Destination Weddingmoon Giveaway simply "LIKE" us on Facebook and leave a wall post saying "Destination Weddingmoon" then send an email to: Include a photo of yourselves along with your full names and where you live. Tell me about your love story..... I want to know how you met, who proposed and how, along with when & where you are planning your destination wedding. It's that easy!

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