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Wednesday, January 04, 2017
By Bella Moda Photography
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The Sad News.... I will not be at the January Bridal Show as the date didn't work for me.

The Happy News.... I will be at the Post Valentines Day Bridal Gala in March.

The Best News... I'm running a Wedding Special!

Book your 2017 Wedding by January 23rd and get

$50 Off a Simple Package, $75 Off a Deluxe Lite, $125 Off a Deluxe Package or $200 off the Black Label Package!


For More Information Visit: www.bellamodaphoto.com
Or Call 509-670-3893 To Book Your Free Wedding Consultation.

Tuesday, December 20, 2016
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Bella Moda Photography's Destination Weddingmoon Giveaway Is Back!


Planning a “Destination Wedding”?  Right now Bella Moda Photography is on the search for a very deserving couple who are planning a tropical destination wedding who would like to enter our “Destination Weddingmoon” Giveaway.  One lucky couple will be GIVEN our “Weddingmoon Package” which includes; Full Wedding Day Coverage, Digital Images w/Print Release, 10 year online ordering/sharing gallery and a $100 Album credit.  The lucky couple chosen will only cover taxes & travel expenses (typically way cheaper than a traditional wedding photography package).  It’s super easy to enter just follow these few easy steps:



1. “LIKE”  us on Facebook  www.facebook.com/Bella.Moda.Photography OR "Follow Us" on Instagram.


2.  Leave the comment “Destination Weddingmoon” on our wall or on the Giveaway Post on our Instagram Page.


3.  Send an email to:  weddingmoon@bellamodaphoto.com telling me a little about your love story (i.e. How you met, who proposed, where you are planning to get married & the exact date) and why I should choose you and include a picture of the two of you then cross your fingers!

The next winner can be chosen at any time......Wahoooo! Send me your story and I could end up choosing you right on the spot! 


**For official rules please email: weddingmoon@bellamodaphoto.com with the subject line "Weddingmoon Official Rules".

Saturday, October 15, 2016
By Bella Moda Photography
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"I Do"

A Special Swanky Event Celebrating Unforgettable's 4 Year Anniversary! ​


Bella Moda Photography will be one of the hand-picked wedding vendors!

This "I DO" event will offer Wine from Stems Yakima, Appetizers from Catering Creations by Toni,  Daytra McMillin of Suede Salon, Remmerden Hill wedding planning, Big Ern Productions and Planet Sun tanning!  There will also be some amazing door prizes and special sales offered only during the event.  

I will not only be showcasing my wedding photography services but will be ready to talk to any ladies looking to do a classy boudoir session.  


Don't miss this amazing event Saturday, November 12th from 3pm-5pm

Unforgettable 5609 Summitview Ave., Yakima

(Located in the Chalet Mall next to Wray's)


Saturday, October 08, 2016
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So, You Want A CHEAP Wedding Photographer....Read This First


I’ve been shooting weddings for well-over 14 years and I miss some bookings because people say they are looking for a “Cheap” photographer. When I hear the word “cheap” I admit that I often don’t have a positive impression and I know first hand that cheap is not always the best and in most cases is not at all even close to the good or the best. 

Cheap doesn’t mean the same thing as inexpensive. Inexpensive means just what it says… It’s not expensive. "Cheap" to me is a lack in quality.  I don't know about you but I've tried saving a buck or two only to be disappointed with the quality of what I purchased.  Where did that leave me?... Kicking myself in the rear-end because I didn't do just a little more saving in order to get what I really wanted.


Bridal magazines and wedding blogs are always telling brides how much they should or shouldn't should spend on their wedding... I find this extremely funny because how can you determine how important something is to you based on some magazine/blog? My opinion certainly may not change your mind, but I’m hoping that my experience and knowledge will help you before making an important decision about your wedding.  

I get it; most of us aren’t exactly rolling in the dough and flying in jets just for the fun of it like a celebrity. To a lot of people $800 - $1000 is a lot of money to spend on anything, so in their minds, it’s all they can afford. Those couples are gambling with their precious wedding memories by hiring someone that just started their wedding business to capture the moments. Couples then cross their fingers and hope the "cheaper" photographer can deliver the desired quality, the kind that the seasoned professional delivers to their clients.  This is a very nice hope but you won't find the same quality with someone who is trying to build their portfolio vs. a seasoned photographer.  

Price isn’t always our final thought either; depending on the photographer. While I have a set price list there are definitely clients I make exceptions for and that I go above and beyond to work with. I do everything I can to help make quality wedding photography affordable for everyone.  I feel every single couple deserves to have their wedding day documented by a professional.  That's why I developed affordable packages and payment plans that give my clients QUALITY products along with amazing customer service and affordability.  When you go buy a nice vehicle that you make payments on....you invest in a reliable vehicle because you don't want to get a few hundred miles down the road, just to have car trouble, you want a quality rig that will be there for you.  It's the same with wedding photography... You can invest in something that will be there for you for a lifetime or you can gamble on the cheaper option and cross your fingers it gets you the desired results.  (We've all seen the horror stories of wedding photos lost, not captured, or the disappearing photographer; it happens more often than you think).


While we all have to make a living and can’t change our prices for every person trying to get a deal most of the professional and seasoned photographers are willing to work with you.  Wedding photography is NOT just a product, it’s NOT just photos...

These are moments in time that you can never get back.  Make sure a professional is documenting it!

You could hire anyone to come and take pictures at your wedding. In fact, you don’t have to even hire anyone, because I’m sure a family member or friend will come ready and equipped with their camera, iPad or camera phone to take the photos for free. Sometimes people get their friends to do it for them, without realizing how much they are really asking for; just as friends and family who offer (with the best of intentions) soon realize they are in over their head's. A professional is ready with back-up equipment and is trained to anticipate moments and that is not something family or friends can do for you.

Speaking of anticipating moments...this is something well seasoned photographers are keenly aware of. Case in point, the following four photos I took.  I had just done a 1st look for the brides dad (something super special).  The brides mom suddenly appeared completley unexpected! All my years of weddings have me on my toes anticipating moments.  Because of this I was able to capture this brief moment as she gasped at her daughters beauty and began to cry.  What followed was an emotional embrace between mother and daughter.  THIS, could have just been a memory uncaptured that they would just have to imagine in their minds eye but because of my honed skills they can see the moment, feel the moment and share the moment with family & friends.  This is why I believe that you should invest a bit in your photography & the artist behind the lens.  You can spend thousands on a beautiful venue and an amazing wedding day frock but I'll tell you if your photographer can't anticipate and capture these fleeting moments you're out more than just money...you miss out on tangible memories.


Often people will hire a photographer because they were the cheapest option after price shopping every photographer they found online. Some couples never take the time to meet people in person to talk to them and get to know them and see their work in person. Sometimes instead of getting an "inexpensive" wedding photographer, they get a “cheap” one or even worse a "fake" one.  You shouldn't be looking for someone that is just starting out, hasn’t had the experience like a seasoned photographer whom has spent years studying under someone else and honing their skills. All this will get you is someone who is marginal at taking pictures because they have not studied their craft fully.  I can’t count how many times I’ve gotten a call from a distraught bride or mother-of-the-bride wanting to know if I can salvage pictures that the “Cheap” photographer captured for them or if I can tell them what to do because their photographer missed several important shots.  While I feel deeply sorry for these people who have been won over by the thought of saving money, there is nothing I can do for them except give them my condolences and wish them the best of luck going forward.  Then there are the "fake photographers" who have stolen images from websites, or bought stock images online and are passing themselves off as some amazing photographer.  You hire them for "CHEAP", they take your $500-$800 and you never hear from them again or they deliver terrible images.  


Find yourself the right wedding photographer! One with experience, and lots of it.  Don’t roll your eyes at me just yet, I’m not being a drama queen; just trying to help you see the big picture. We are talking about one of the biggest events in your life. Don’t choose someone just so you can feel good about how much you spent on photography. This can lead to horrible photos with dark shadowy faces, blown out photos void of detail, badly edited photos, or that disappearing photographer.  Price is an element yes, but when price is your only priority, you have to admit you are looking for a cheap photographer – not an inexpensive one. 


Wonderfully skilled wedding photographers everywhere are quitting their jobs because the value of what we do is becoming devalued by the onset of people thinking they can head to Costco, buy a cheap DSLR and make some extra money on the weekends because after all being a photographer just means you point and shoot a lot and it can't be that hard right?…..  WRONG!   As an artist and lover of all things wedding photography I’m appealing to all you future brides to VALUE our talents and your pictures the way we value them so that we don’t disappear leaving only mediocre photographers at best. 

Before I end this informative post let me be clear that I’m writing this to help inform you to make a good choice not a super expensive choice.  There are expensive photographers who have cheap quality products, there are expensive photographers who have amazing quality products and there are also inexpensive photographers who are stellar, so it actually has very little to do with the amount of money but the QUALITY and EXPERIENCE the photographer has. 

It just so happens that a lot of the time (not always, but most of the time) you get what you pay for hence that old saying “you get what you pay for”.  A “cheap” photographer often uses what we call the “spray and pray” method – for you brides out there, what this means is that if you happened to hire one of these photographers (generally, your inexperienced newcomers trying to build their portfolio and willing to shoot your wedding for usually around $1000 or less (I know it sounds like a stellar deal but stay with me) they are going to take a million shots with very little knowledge of exactly what they are doing then they cross their fingers and hope they get a good one here and there which takes no skill at all and is a gamble. And trust me the machine gun like sounds from that "spray and pray photographer" will be very distracting during your wedding vows.

I don’t know about you but after all the work of planning the perfect wedding the last thing any bride needs is to gamble on the big day.  Unfortunately, these inexperienced photographers who should be studying under a professional before starting a business are not just ruining the industry but ruining couples weddings. Their experimentation in their journey into photography can end up being your biggest regret and loss. If the price you paid turns around and ends up costing you your wedding photos, it has ended up costing you so much more than money.  

The photos I take mean something to me. I value these moments in my own life and I carry that same care and emotion with me to every single wedding that I photograph.  My father passed away many years ago and when I find his face fading slightly from my minds eye I will open up my albums and look through old photographs.  These are the things I hold most dear and I engage every wedding as a chance to document moments and help capture memories of all the loved ones my couples hold so dear in life.  Wedding photography is so much more to me….I want it to be that way for my couples too. 

So before you say to yourself, I just can’t afford ($) on my wedding photographer think about what I’ve said here.  Do your research; Google “Yakima Wedding Photographers”….  You’ll find the ones you can count on right there on the first page and guess what… We're not just a Facebook Business Page, we have real websites, we have business licenses, pay taxes and best of all we are professional photographers with years and years of experience!  

Now, take this new found knowledge that I’ve shared with you, Google Yakima Wedding Photographers, look at our work and make sure to meet with the photographers you like and see our work in PERSON so you can see with your own eyes the quality of work they can offer you. I know that once you do you'll see exactly what I mean and you'll find that professional photographer you deserve.  Here's to your happily ever after!

Thursday, September 08, 2016
By Bella Moda Photography
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Once in a while, you meet that super laid-back couple ... focused on love, family, friends and just enjoying every single moment life has to offer.  A couple whom not even a down-pour of rain can dampen their spirits.  Meet... Eric & Danni!  This wedding took place at the Yakima Arboretum and was just beautiful in every way.  Danni is that quirky, fun girl who just goes with the flow and Eric is the perfect guy to compliment her simplistic approach.  From her beautiful dress by Brides For A Cause" to her stunning floral head piece...she was absolutely stunning and I feel blessed to have been able to be a part of this celebration filled with love in the rain.



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